Rare interview with Devin Dygert, the hottest fashion and glamor photographer of the decade.


Devin Dygert is one of the hottest young photographers in the modeling scene today. Based out of Los Angeles, California. These striking photographs say more than words could ever convey. The photographic works highlight the human form and it's beauty, with advanced light techniques and experimental fashion photography works that are pure inspiration., advertisement, fashion

The future of the 'Social Content' landscape


With sites like Linkedin and Facebook in open conversation about public IPOs, it's time to ask what's next for social media. An East Coast startup run by entrepernuer and social media mogul Timothy Wang – titled Beezmap is making waves in the content spectrum. The free social content site allows people to connect visually through online

What is Social Media Strategy?


Facilitate audience conversations and drive engagement with social currency Maximise breakthrough by leveraging influencers "Amplify word of mouth by motivating influencers Humanise the brand by driving the audience conversations Harness social currency to drive buzz Drive break through conversations with an engaging viral Utilise social currency to amplify experiences and drive conversations"; r_text[ 7] =

How does the average small business keep up with social media trends?


<span style="color: #003366;">"One way that the smaller business can keep up with current social media, is to create legitimate viral trends/buzz via content outlets on the PR9 and 10 popular networks. Although many have a nofollow tag set on Wall comments, the actual humanistic value is unparalleled.</span> <h2><span style="color: #003366;">Regimenting your corporate twitter profile to

Got an idea? Let it spiral


The internet is the best place to test the true market worth of your ideas — cheap, fast and effectively We are living in exciting times. A time when there is strength in numbers. Experts may dub it the Participatory Age, the Age of Collaboration, the Age of Instant Communication and if I may add

Cancer Girl


Cancer girl is about a girl with blood cancer and when she falls in love, her cancer gets cured and when they break up her cancer comes back. I published this on wattpad, I am not getting paid for the short story, but I would love readers and people to comment and like and I