Got an idea? Let it spiral


The internet is the best place to test the true market worth of your ideas — cheap, fast and effectively

Better living through technology


Technology has become a fundamental part of the lives of the millennium generation.  These people between the ages of 14 all the way to mid thirties have grow up using technology and social media to aid in their perspective of the world around them.  They are the generation that casually knows how to operate Microsoft

Post online and shape the world around you


Take a moment to think about how rapidly the world has changed in the last century. What comes to mind? Is it how you are reading this on a small flat screen, powered by a battery, and once you leave this page you can access words from around the world? Is it how your style

How does the average small business keep up with social media trends?


“One way that the smaller business can keep up with current social media, is to create legitimate viral trends/buzz via content outlets on the PR9 and 10 popular networks. Although many have a nofollow tag set on Wall comments, the actual humanistic value is unparalleled. Regimenting your corporate twitter profile to several tweets per day,

If you have faith in your product/service, social media can be the most powerful tool for creating a buzz


Depending upon how creatively you use it, the buzz that you can create through social media — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn — can be huge and humongous. For the first them, there is a medium that’s puts “public” into Public Relations and the “market” into marketing. The news, an idea or the buzz that you create

New study shows CVault stores cannabis for 168 days with zero THC loss


Trending Newswire: CVault Stability Study Summary Report April 29, 2013. Published by The Werc Shop, Inc. Introduction: The CVault® is a rugged container design that retains Boveda humidity control packs which seek to maintain the internal container relative humidity around 62%. FreshStor® submitted a request to The Werc Shop to study the stability and