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Alexx Thompson, Cultural Instigator and founder of Central Elements Art Collective

I’d like to tell you about how a random photograph spotted taped up on the wall in a New York pub sparked an exploration which lead me to the Central Elements Art Collective, brainchild of brilliant artist Alexx Thompson.

Thompson is a poet through and through, he is life incarnate, he breathes culture with every breath, You can feel the passion in his restless voice and intuitive eyes when you talk to him. It’s his Gemini nature, spreading him in a million directions and projects. Alexx is always finding new artists and helping promote people, simultatiously working on his own art, poetry, video, painting, and writing a book.

Following a random striking photo, I was now reading Alexx’s biography, trying to get in his head and about this unusual photo. The photo shows a white kid and a black kid dressed as the famous band Kiss (music transcends race). An American Yin-Yang captured in one finite moment. Their eyes show a profound vulnerable sadness and fear, while they are dressed with party face makeup. The mood creates a collision of happy and morose, and exposes the frailty in the stare of young boys trying to be strong. An intensely interesting moment is captured. Perhaps the moment that defines Alexx’s life. If you ask me, this photograph is the quintessence of his statement and embodies the vibe of his entire childhood. It’s authenticity is timeless.

When Alexx was a two month old infant he was adopted by a caucasian family, ‘for love’. Alexx’s Journey to learn about his roots and the African American side of his heritage began in his late teens and was actualized at age 21 when he hired a private detective and found his biological family. thus beginning another interesting chapter in his already multidimensional experiences revolving around race adoption and self-identity.

Alexx went through a markable personal transition, dealing as a young boy with racism from people who shared the same color skin as the adoptive parents who loved him at home. Quantifying, struggling to understand, and eventually facing, and dealing with this dichotomy at such an early age built in him a depth that has helped him to better understand and cope with the world around him in his adult life. As well as launched in him an interest in the subject of race relations. These painful and intense times are the theme of his upcoming book, which will be featuring the photograph on the cover, and show his conversations with his family in present times. Alexx wants to share his own experience with others, going through a journey involving self-identity, race, and/or adoption, and how to live harmoniously in acceptance of all the parts that make up the whole being that is “you.”

Central Elements Art Collective is Alexx’s personal project, a venture he has been running by himself since 2000. The logo is the mysterious photograph of him and his brother. Alexx is all about creative inspiration. When he finds an under-promoted artist doing work at a deep level, he will add them to the collective. Alexx says he is addicted to growth. Most people won’t intimidate by the strength of their intentions. Most people aren’t in the business of evolving.

Alexx currently spends his time working as a Motion Picture Set Painter, running Central Elements and writing a biographical novel on race, adoption and life.

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