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Take a moment to think about how rapidly the world has changed in the last century. What comes to mind? Is it how you are reading this on a small flat screen, powered by a battery, and once you leave this page you can access words from around the world? Is it how your style of dress has changed? Is it perhaps how social norms have shifted? Multiracial families smile at you in restaurants. Two women can hold hands in a coffee shop and laugh about love. Artists can proudly gender bend onstage and sing about their bodies and minds in a way that has never been imagined before. Look at Lady Gaga. Love her or hate her, Lady Gaga knows how to work Social Media, with Twitter and Facebook fans in the millions. Her Youtube channel happily boasts over a billion views. She tweets constantly, sometimes hourly, in the case of the Grammy’s. Would she has record breaking sales if it wasn’t for her facebook and twitter marketing? Or would she still be playing in coffee shops andbars? She has an image, she knows how to sell it, and the results are effective. The beauty of social media is the constant exposure to thoughts and ideas, whether it’s through politics or music.Every link that you read provides insight into a new person, a new group, and a new outlook on life, and every link will have you talking. And that buzzing noise you hear? That’s the sound of change and moving forward.

Without gossip and hype the stories that have shaped our history may never have been told or have even had the profound impact we still experience today. How strong would the African American Civil Rights movement have been without the story of Rosa Parks outraging and mobilizing leaders to start the Montgomery Bus Boycott? Would Marriage Equality advocacy groupshave as much support without the voices of performers speaking to generations? All it takes is one voice or one note at the right time to create a revolution, and social media helps project that message as lightning fast speed. Maybe even faster. Passion and excitement are key ingredients for spreading news, and with you as a well-informed client that’s ready to share your story, all you need is the right group to sell you to the masses. At May Levy, we can help. Our team of professionals gets the ball rolling for you- we promote your content, we share your content in the best way we know how: through the social media giants of Facebook, Twitter.

StumbleUpon, and Digg. And if that’s not enough, we pull up our sleeves and work with our mediums that each staff member specializes in. From blogging to microblogging, discussion boards and forums, crowd sourcing, and online videos are delightful tricks of the trade we relish in. Our expertise promoting you through reviews on this site, our ratings, specials, coupons, photo sharing,webmericals, and pod-casting will get results.We’re here to boost your PR online and fight to get your site on the first page of Google. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even reach half a million hits.  Up Voting, brand monitoring,content aggregation, widgets, wikis, presentation sharing, and the personal pleasures of celebrity gossip sites, rumor mills, and underground viral brushfire, are all tools we use to work for you. And, lest we forget, our specialties in social bookmarking and custom designed infographics, perfectly tailored to give you the highest Google Page Rank imaginable. You already know us. Are you ready to change the world?

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