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Reignite the Passion in You through Emmanuelle Monet Presents Erotica 360

If something hot and passionate is what you are looking for, I suggest you check out the erotic writings of Emmanuelle Monet. The fall of 2012, the first book of the Erotica 360 series will be released. As one of the most anticipated releases of next year, the book will surely make history in the field of modern erotic poetry. For hundreds of years, great authors such as Shakespeare, Emily Dickson, e.e. cummings, and Voltaire have exemplified their passion and desire through their literary works. Also, WB Yeats expressed his erotic desires in his Leda and the Swan and John Betjeman in his Late-Flowering Lust.Even further back in the past of history Greek authors Ovid and Sappho wrote many erotic lyrics.

Erotic expression through writing dates back hundreds of years and still is thriving today because of modern day poets like Emmanuelle Monet. Like many from the new generation of poets, Emmanuelle writes in a modern language that is comprehended by advanced poetry enthusiasts as well as some one who has just begun the journey into the literary world. “My goal is to make everyone from the most conservative to the most open liberal relate to love and love making.” She states.

Erotica 360 is not just about sex, it’s about intimacy in every degree. It’s about every relationship from monogamy to casual encounters. “My book is not to be considered as pornographic” she adds. “I want to express feelings that everyone and anyone has felt at some point in their lives. My writings are about real life situations as well as fantasy. That’s why I decided to name the series Erotica 360.Because it’s about entire world of love, sex, and emotions.” I want to touch everyone with my writings and the best way to me is to write in the now. ”She writes just as new generations speak but still holds to the traditions of writing and poetry. For most adults, love is just not experienced emotionally but through the art of sex and love making.

This is the motivation behind this author’s work. Erotica 360 is a series that compiles all of her poems that express the passions and desires of the heart. Her writings are expressed artistically and articulately in order for the readers to feel every single line with genuine feelings. Monet’s poems will surely inspire you to love and be loved. You will be moved by the passion of the human spirit. And, there is nothing more human than desire and love. Her modern and reality based erotic poems are the epitome of present day romance.

Every lyric is cleverly versed with the beauty of eroticism. I wanna be kissed by you / Touched by you/ Wanted by you / Seduced by you / Fucked by you / Sexually obsessed because of you / Contained and consumed emotionally / possessed by you / Until I’m lost infinitely in your world / Please exemplify your power over me /Proving by action your stronger I will bow down surrending / A queen imprisoned by you / Auncontrollable wildness tamed by you / Your stroke will be my drug / And your dick will be my god / I will inhale all of you / A dedicated addict / Most appreciative servant… Watch out for the release of Emmanuelle Monet Presents Erotica 360. Mark 2012 in your calendars as the date where poetry takes its reign again!

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