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Better living through technology

Technology has become a fundamental part of the lives of the millennium generation.  These people between the ages of 14 all the way to mid thirties have grow up using technology and social media to aid in their perspective of the world around them.  They are the generation that casually knows how to operate Microsoft Office, and whip through Boolean Google operating. Technologies born in the last few decades have shaped the lives of these youth in ways other technologies previously haven’t.

While there have been negative circumstances for the younger generations due to the economy and market, the youth see technology and social media as an opportunity to get their word and expression out to a global, unlimited market.  There have been plenty of superstars born from this technological era, from Justin Bieber to Soulja boi to many other artists and people.

Through all of these incredible technologies – our youth view them as less of a tool and more of a backdrop for any of the future endeavors they decide to undertake.  When the possibility of posting a video or creating a blog which can garner thousands or millions of views in less than a week, people will look at it as less of a tool and more of a way to reach for success.

Yet the confidence and connectivity that technology has brought this generation can also be accompanied by stresses and doubts.  Because of the heavy reliance of this new system founded by the younger generation, they are relying less on institution and government and seeking creativity and innovation in order to stay on top of the social media world as well as the real world.

Unfortunately many of these youth are being left behind without jobs, tolerance, confidence, or an idea of how to eventually prosper in this tough economy.  While becoming a YouTube sensation or socialite may be a far stretch for many young people,  their voices and opinions are definitely heard which gives the future a positive hope that society and the economy will recover.

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