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Platforms like Google Analytics, Google Central Search, Yahoo! Search, Microsoft Bing, Yandex, Baidu, YouTube, AOL, Ecosia, ask.com, archive.org, DuckDuckGo, and Amazon will only take you as far as the quality authority backlinks and connectedness that actual users generate via bookmarking and microblogging about your project.


Earlier in the 1990s, web development came first, and then SEO went along. Later on, web development and SEO were simultaneous with each other but these days, creating an SEO plan comes first before developing a website. May Levy targets and manipulates the power of social media marketing to generate huge traffic to your website. This traffic translates into leads and thereafter, business deals and profits. We develop highly original content as well. We live, eat, and breathe online. Our nights are spent trying to understand the web that is connected to social management options, news trends, current buzz, and shifts on popular social networks. We constantly innovate and update existing social marketing practices to provide refreshing or new services to our clients. We produce catchy webmercial, underground viral bushfire, tweeting leaks, celebrity gossip, coupons for visitors, custom-designed infographics, and more to get all the hoopla of web drama!


We induce or provoke communication with the visitors or readers – making them think about the client site and take necessary actions. In social networking sites, we deal with real user profiles who actively participate in discussions, reviews, shares, and repostings about your product and services at their will.

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Increases web presence and traffic which leads and thereafter, business deals and profits. Builds powerful campaign with the noticeable result.

Content Writing

Unique and trustworthy content, made of verifiable facts and sources. Helpful blogs to connect your website to the relevant audience.

Design & Develop

Website and Design created for you will help lift up your business fast & successful marketing strategy is using an effective.

Article & Link Building

Acquiring hyperlinks that help increase organic traffic. Engaging in natural link building to maintain long-term viability.

Social Media Buzz

A combination of SEO, SEM and Social media marketing. To bring positive attention and interest from audiences.

Public Relation

To generate publicity and promote a business. To create a stronger brand reputation and to get people closer.

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