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Shout out to a reputable credit repair company

Back in high school, I remember teachers pounding different facts and subjects into my head.  They told me that it was vital to learn the Periodic Table, the Gettysburg Address, and the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet for my overall well-roundedness. They told me all these facts would contribute in making me a productive part of society.  I don’t remember however, anyone mentioning anything about a Credit Score and when I went to the bank for a car loan, they didn’t ask me to recite the Magna Carta. Instead, they ran my Credit. Needless to say my credit score was less than ideal. Looking back, I wish someone would have told me about this thing called credit.

I’m twenty years old and putting myself through college. Did I mention I was married with my husband overseas?  My situation isn’t that unusual and I’m coming to know that it’s more typical that one would think. Due to the recession, more and more people are having trouble with their Credit Score. Young and old, experienced and inexperienced, we’re all having more and more trouble.

When I was declined for the loan, I tried finding help.  I went to the smartest people I know, my parents. As it turns out, they may have not been the right people to turn to. They’ve been living in the same house since I was born and they got it from my grandparents who paid less than ten grand back in the fifties. They didn’t understand the meaning of living on credit.

Living in New York doesn’t come cheap and unfortunately I’ve made a few mistakes. Being a responsible adult and shopping therapy sometimes conflict, especially when you’re living a Manolo Blahnik lifestyle on a Payless budget.  I really had to make some changes and I needed to get help.

I did a quick search online and I found these very helpful people on the top of the list. I never would have been able to gain the confidence I have now and I would never have gotten my finances in such order without Innovative Credit Consultant’s expertise. The staff was able to answer all my questions and give me helpful tips to get me out of my rut. They set me on a plan to increase my credit within months and suggested ways to keep my score high.

While I do enjoy Shakespeare, I have to give Innovative Credit Consultants more credit on making me a productive member of society than my tenth grade English teacher. Knowing my credit score and how it affects my life has made me a responsible adult. I haven’t given up on all my shopping therapy habits, but I’m not letting them dictate my future.  I have Innovative Credit Consultants to thank for that.

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