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Comic artist chris cabrera’s painted slivers of Americana

I was touched today surfing the web, and stumbled across the website of comic style painter Chris Cabrera.  Chris paints these delightful (or creepy, kinda depends if you ‘get’ art) mixed media works on canvas.

These works are exactly what I have been searching for to decorate our home office. From snoopy and disneyana, characters, icons, symbols, with a delicate touch of anarchy and a touch of sentiment, these brilliant paintings have really made my day.

Cabrera’s story is a touching one. He underwent a dangerous gastric bypass surgery to try to return his hectic life to normalcy, having dealt with being almost 500 pounds for the first 30 years of his life.

Thank God he survived the procedure, and is now a strapping looking gentlemen, and enjoying the successes of his operation. His work explores the inequality imposed by society on body form, and his wonderful sense of lightheartedness through out all he has been through is an inspiration to us all. Keep creating Chris (if you stumble onto my little blog) Keep inspiring.

Posted by | Posted at June 10, 2010 6:19 pm |

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